Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Age: 25 Weeks

Today I am 25 weeks old and there's no stopping me now - muhahahaha.  I couldn't let the weeks pass me by without getting a picture in my very cool and crafty pirate bunny onesie from Aunt Julie - thanks Aunt Julie!  And, while mom was doubting that I'd outgrow this size of clothing some things are definitely a bit snug and will get washed and retired this week.

Early last week I started sitting up and now I'm (almost) a total pro at this feat.  In my pictures now I don't need the boppy to support me, but mom usually sits me with it so I don't tumble backwards or to the side, but if I tip forward I usually brace myself and push up with my hands.  It also seems to happen now if I'm actually reaching forward for something and not just by chance that I've lost my balance.  Last night, I started pushing up on hands and knees so I'll be zipping around this place in no time.  Since I'm starting to push up that way, other items need to be retired too - my co-sleeper (which will go to my coming soon buddy, Baby Raby) and the bassinet insert of my Pack and Play.  I'm also excited for the new toys that are coming downstairs soon because I am getting bored pretty easily, though I'm enjoying playing with my spoons and bowls in my big girl high chair.  I love watching mom and dad eat and I can't wait to try it out for myself.  Mom's planning to put down a plastic shower curtain liner under me because she thinks I might be a little messy.  I'm certain it will all go in my mouth and down the hatch.  (We'll see).

Here's to a very happy 2010 for all.  Happy New Year!!

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