Saturday, May 2, 2009

Recall Rollercoaster

Yesterday morning, while watching the Today Show, a crib recall was mentioned from the manufacturer that makes the crib we currently have set up in baby's room. So, I went to the computer and checked the website, and sure enough, there was the name of our crib. So, I went through the whole day fretting about getting it shipped back and picking out a new crib and getting that set up and now the drawers don't match...very trivial things in the grand scheme of things, I know. But then, I went on the website after school and looked for our model number and our model number WAS NOT part of the recall! An older model by the same name was, but not ours - which confirmed (well, sort of) my earlier thoughts. When a company has a recall, it is my belief that they work more diligently to ensure the safety of future products, and that's what we have (knock on wood) - a safer version. Our crib does not have a drop side, which eliminates one potential hazard, and in the morning when Jeff and I pulled on the slats, we decided these children must be awfully strong to be kicking right through them, but that's because they weren't kicking through THESE slats. Regardless, I called the company to be certain that our crib was not part of the recall. Overall, there were some ups and downs today and once more I feel very fortunate, mostly for the health of our baby, but also (now) that none of our "stuff" has been least not today.

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