Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quantity and Quality

At tonight's appointment a measurement was taken to the top of the fundus of 35 cm.  I read in "What to Expect" right before being taken back to the exam room and learned that the centimeters correspond directly to the "week/size" estimation.  Soooo, what all that means is that baby is measuring 35 weeks ... at 32 weeks.  So, we're three weeks ahead of schedule, but in the time since the last ultrasound (2 weeks) baby has made 2 weeks growth.  Jeff thinks she's just so excited to meet us that she's decided to grow a little faster and get here a little earlier than scheduled.  With that in mind, check out the poll to the right to give your opinion on baby's pending arrival (early, late, right on time) keeping in mind the EDD of July 19th.  Also, since the baby's the size of a 35 week baby, I guess she's not the size of a squash anymore...hmm, what's next? 

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