Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Hero!

Jeff had to make his first late-night (ish) run.  For us, late night is 10:30.  I've been having a nagging cold and last night it was stepped up to slightly more than nagging.  This is the first time during pregnancy that I knew I needed some meds and wanted to make sure that it was safe.  The only cold medicine we had was NyQuil and I couldn't find anything to indicate that it is definitely safe, but both Benadryl and Sudafed definitely I did what any 8 month pregnant woman would do and sent him to the store.  And, I got some sleep!  Thanks Honey!!!!

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Colleen said...

El, I'm so glad you have this blog going...I check it all the time to see how you're doing! You look great...I put my vote in for an early arrival! Yay! Wish seeing you guys in person was easier!
Love, Coll C.