Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eco Friendly Thank You's

Big events seem to garner big carbon footprints lately, and in an effort to stem some of this, I opted to send online thank you's to those who I thought would be receptive to the idea. And they very much were (receptive that is!). I did send paper thank you's as well to many attendees, but overall, what do we do with invitations and thank you notes at the end of the day, or month, or year? Toss 'em, if we're lucky at least we're tossing them in the paper recycling container. So, I wanted to direct others to a good source for online thank you's. Hallmark Online Thank You Cards offer many excellent (and free) options. Of these, the ones I utilized were "Never Ending Thanks," "You're Awesome," "Baby Shower," and "Many Thanks." Another option found on this page that I utilized as a user for the first time was the one listed "Flower Thanks" which indicates that you can add a photo. This is through a program called Smilebox which I was introduced to through a parent group at school which utilizes these as a different way to send reminders out to families and teachers utilizing pictures and captions. The ability to import a picture specific to the event makes the card even more personalized for the recipient. Another option is to email/share a scrapblog that you create. This can be a bit more time consuming, but offers many options for personalization and creativity. Check out this example. So, save some paper on thank you's and birthday cards and don't forget about Evite when planning your next event. Save money, time...and the Earth!

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Jeff and Steph said...

yo E, we certainly appreciated it. I hope the e-thank you note catches on as much as evite has.