Monday, May 4, 2009

Paraben Free Protection (from the sun)

Last week when the temperatures spiked above 90 (not such a problem this week..), I resolved to get out and find a paraben free sunscreen. My mind was set that I would pick up some "Kiss My Face" sunscreen since I had such success with their non-toxic, DEET free insect repellant which kept me safe in, of all places, Africa. Alas, when I arrived to look at the shelves and I took a closer look at Kiss My Face's sunscreen, it did in fact contain parabens - what?!? So, I started to really analyze my options and settled upon paraben free and the most economical option a sunscreen from JASON brand. To read more about my quest to eliminate parabens, read here.

Soon, I plan to comparison shop some prices from different retailers and online providers to find the best prices for different products, skin and food, that we use. I'll post back with my "findings".


Ellen Zschunke said... for others - especially California Baby for kids, but JASON's Sunbrella is featured too!

Ellen Zschunke said...

Oh, and I recently took another look at Swy Flotter, the insect repellant I cited from Kiss My Face, and it does indeed have parabens in it, but not deet...I guess that's at least one thing.