Saturday, May 9, 2009

Glucose Tolerance

This morning, I took the glucose tolerance test.  I had heard how terrible this test was...I disagree.  I drank a bottle of orange soda and had two vials of blood drawn.  Not bad at all!  My stress level was waiting to register, because I drank the concoction at home between 8 and 8:05, I was told by the lab tech to down it within 5 minutes, I don't usually guzzle my beverages quite so quickly.  We got to the lab 15 minutes prior to the time I'd have to have blood drawn which MUST be exactly 1 hour after you're done drinking the fluorescent fluid.  But I was waiting in line, and got worried that I'd be late...even though the desk was steps away.  Like other things in life, it all worked out.  I got to the desk at 9:00, and they told me they'd call me at 9:05.  Plus, we had to be at the hospital this AM for our hospital tour, so it was a combo trip too.  The thinking was that we'd only have to pay for the parking garage once instead of coming in two times, but as it turned out, there was a flat fee for the parking garage today (jackpot!) of $1.00.

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