Monday, April 27, 2009

Week 28

A day late and a dollar short...with posting this one. This weekend we had record breaking heat with temperatures in the mid 90s! So, naturally on Sunday we went for a hike in Livezy (a part of Fairmount) and then went for a walk (complete with an ice cream cone - yum!) in Chestnut Hill. I also made my first purchase of shorts to recognize the occasion of a heat wave occurring in the same month that started out with snow. What are the chances of that in PA? Honestly though, I love summer-like weather, so I'm enjoying this - at least right now. We'll see how I feel when the "real" summer gets here I guess. As for last week's day of sciatica, that's all it was - one day. Again, I feel truly blessed to have a better understanding of pregnancy symptoms without having to deal with a full blown case of them. And once again, I'll knock on wood as I'm sure that now that I've put this down in print, it will rear its ugly head. Baby continues to be-bop around inside her current home and others have been able to feel her kicks as well. Our doctor's appointments are now spaced every two weeks so we'll be visiting the doctor's again this Wednesday. I have more posts planned (if I get to the computer for such frivolous fun) for paraben free sunscreen and online thank you cards, a way to save time, money, and the earth by using less paper. Stay tuned.
Now you see me...
and now you don't (well sort of - a girl can be delusional).

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