Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plant a Placenta Tree

WARNING: NOT for the faint of heart. Jeff R. - you will probably appreciate this. Planting a tree might be nice, but where? We aren't in our "next house" yet where we'll plan to stay for considerably longer, but I don't imagine Jeff Z will appreciate having this in the freezer in the meantime. Decisions, decisions :)

Afterbirth Ideas


Jen said...

Okay... I made it to the cooking part and then I couldn't continue!!

Jeff and Steph said...

This made my day for two reasons - 1. I got a shout out on your blog. That's huge for me. 2. I have a strange fascination with afterbirth. In a healthy, non creepy way of course. I really enjoyed the article you had linked. If Jeff doesn't want it in your freezer for an extended period maybe you guys can take it up to Haycock and plant it - or somewhere else that is special between you two.

Speaking of Haycock, when can we forage for mushrooms?