Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pre-Natal Update

We had our doctor's appointment tonight and got some clarification about the current position of the placenta. Right now, it is 3 millimeters away from where it needs to be for a safe delivery. It is 1.7 cm from the cervix and it needs to be 2 centimeters away, so we're very close and anticipate no issues. The next ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now and we'll get an even better idea then. On other news, baby's head is down - does that normally happen already? Though, I'm pretty sure she's still moving and grooving all over the place at this point, or was her flipping what I felt the other night, hmm? Either way, that's more good news. She's so smart already - she knows the way out of here! And last, I'll be getting the glucose test some time this week or next, whenever I can make it to the lab, really. Other than that, we've still got business as usual in the Zschunke house. Busy, busy, busy. Things will slow down soon when school is done...right before they speed up when baby arrives.

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