Monday, January 19, 2009

Registry Review

Jeff and I took the big step of registering today at both Babies R Us and Target. I feel we were pretty thorough in our selections, but I am putting this out there to solicit feedback. Anything you see that seems totally nuts or excessive or any blatant oversights that are missing? Any feedback on products that you have experience with? With all that in mind, please don't be insulted if we either keep something on that we still feel strongly about or don't add something you may have suggested. Also, if you presently own something that is on the list and don't have a child of an age to utilize it, we will be happy to take it off your hands and off the registry. Some notable items that you might find us lacking in:
* Breast Pump - I'm planning to get the Medela Backpack Pump, but am also looking into the option of renting and looking at hand pumps as well since a friend suggested this.
* Diapers - we're planning to go with cloth, but likely from a website recommended by a friend.
* Baby Wipes - same as above.
* Swing/Bouncer Seat - a friend has the infant seat swing frame and we love the idea that it takes up less space and accomplishes the same goal. Baby does not know if he/she is three inches off the ground or a foot. The pack and play has a vibrating function and often this is the cited reason for the bouncer seat.
* Jumper/Activity Center - to be honest, we had planned to get one and then didn't like it in person. Will cross that bridge when we get there.
*More clothes - We are waiting to find out the gender of baby before registering for more layette items since most of the available garb is gender specific and we did put some gender neutral items on there.
* Storkcraft Recall - there was recently a recall on a specific model of Storkcraft cribs. It is not the one for which we registered, and (at least online) there weren't many other brand options. I like the Storkcraft b/c of the trundle drawer storage. I couldn't find any other brands with the under bed drawer.
* You may notice that the Baby Bjorn made the list after all. While I still prefer the Ergo carrier, Jeff would like the Bjorn for himself and since he'll also be wearing baby, I'm happy to comply :)
* If you don't see it on one of the registries, check on the other. The items on the Target registry which are also available at Babies R Us were either less expensive at Target or the same price. We compared prices whenever possible.

Please post comments below the post so that others can offer feedback upon feedback as well. Keep in mind that this feedback is not just from parents, if you have experience with an item or think something is a stroke of genius, let us know. Please note that I'm not putting this out there at this time to get "stuff"...that will come later :) I genuinely appreciate feedback and notes about missed items. Thanks!!!!

Babies R Us Registry

Target Registry

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Wendy said...

Check with Abington about the hand pump ... When I had Oz, I got one free (they hook up 1st time mothers with either the hand pump or formula). I must say I was a little daunted by the mechanical breast pump and hand pumped for the first few weeks (plus my nips were so sore I didn't even want to imagine what the machine would do!). BUT, if you plan on having more than one Baby Zschunke, buy a pump. They are durable, efficient, enable you to multi-task, and you KNOW it is 100% Ellen flowing through everything:)