Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bad Dreams :(

So, I had a bad dream last night on the eve of our sequential screening appointment that I left school thinking it was 11:30 and got to my car only to realize it was 2:00...and I hadn't drunk my requisite 32 oz of water yet. In my dream state, I'm frantically calling the doctor's office but also explaining that I may need to push back in order to fill my bladder appropriately.

In order to head this problem off, I decided that we'll be going to the hospital super early so that we're just there already. We can walk around and get the lay of the land, get to know where the cafeteria and the gift shops are, you know...totally normal.

1 comment:

Jeffrey said...

On the topic of dreams... you and jeff have shown up more in my dreams in the past 20 days than in the past 27 years! Thinking a ton about you guys.