Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crashing into the New Year (or, This Car is Cursed)

Well, after two flat tires in less than a week, I can add to my repertoire of tricks in my "new" car. Evidently, this car really, really misses having Jeff as its primary driver. I was involved in a bit of a car crash on Saturday, which left me shaken for multiple reasons, one of which being the presence of a small child in my stomach and its health and well-being. Another reason being that I was planning to trade this car in within the month and I was awfully concerned about the effect of depreciation on a car following a fender bender of this sort. Good news is I'm fine (a little whiplash sore) and baby's fine. The doctor assured us that the pelvic bones protect the uterus in such a way that a minor accident such as this should not warrant alarm. In other news, whether the car is reparable or totaled, we're trading it in just as soon as possible as it really doesn't seem to like me too much. Yes, I realize that this is not the car's fault, but three such occurrences in less than a month seem like too good of an omen to me.


Jen said...

Ellen - I had no idea this happened! I'm sorry, that must have been scary! I'm glad you and baby are okay and that it was just a minor scare.

Kylie said...

el, after reading all your comments i'm sorry to hear about the car but most importantly i'm glad your ok along with baby.... miss you and hope to see you soon!