Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Own Worst Enemy

Well, after the exciting purchase of a new car, I began driving my husband's old car (note - it was still newer than my old car). On the first day (New Year's Eve), I got a flat tire (woh, woh, woh). I got it repaired on Friday. I didn't drive it much in the meantime over the weekend. I drove to work on Monday, home to eat dinner, and then to Babies R Us to purchase a shower gift (and do some research, who am I kidding?). While driving home, I came to realize that I had a flat tire AGAIN in the same tire. I immediately blamed the repair work in my mind. Today, my wonderful husband took the tire to be checked out and as it turns out, someone does not like me! My tire was slashed...and I think it was at Babies R Us! Who would have thought Babies R Us could be such a dangerous parking lot?

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