Saturday, January 10, 2009


After soliciting advice about baby carriers, potties, and cloth diapering from my friend, Hillary, I think I'm in love. I originally planned to register for a Baby Bjorn Carrier but after checking out the Ergo Baby Carriers website I'll be whistling a different tune. It looks equally comfortable, if not more, and with a testimonial from Hillary (a chica who enjoys being comfortable), I feel confident that it is. The carrier also comes with pouches to carry other items and a hood for the baby to be covered up on top. Hillary offered to lend me the infant insert which will also be helpful. Overall, I'm also impressed with the story behind the product created by Karin Frost in Hawaii, and the availability of organic materials for both the carriers and other accessories. I've come to terms with the fact that not everything for baby can/will be organic, but in those areas where we'll be spending lots of time, I think it is important, and hopefully the carrier will be one of those areas. Now - the tricky part is that I can't register for the item as it's available at a select few stores (one of which is local to Huntingdon Valley) and online, so I'll have to sort that out, but overall I'm very impressed with this product and suggest you all check out the site.

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