Monday, February 8, 2010

Time is Not on My Side

So, I had a hunch yesterday and confirmed it this morning. Elizabeth Pantley lays out a very nice chart with average expectations for children at specific ages. It has how many naps, a total length of day time sleep among those naps, how long for night time sleep and there's another chart with the maximum amounts of time spent awake to avoid a build up of homeostatic pressure leading to a melt down. So, ok - in theory. For 6 months, the number of naps is 2 with 3-4 hours total spent napping in the day time. 10-11 hours of night time sleep and 2-3 hours max awake time at a shot. Buuut, that doesn't work out to 24 hours...let me explain. OK - for example, this morning, Cecelia woke up at 5:30 AM. Which is fine. Sort of. Say, she's awake for 3 hours. 8:30 Nap...til (again, max) 10:30. Awake for another 3 hours. 1:30-3:30. So we've had our 2 naps. Another 3 hours and it's 6:30 leading to our 11 hours of sleep (uh, huh) and we're back to 5:30. Perfect...but that's not the norm. There's a range, so let's go with the lower end of that range. Wake up at 5:30, 2 hours awake - 7:30, 1.5 hour nap, 9:00, 2 hours - 11:00, 1.5 hour nap, 12:30, (2 naps done), 2 hours and that takes us to 2:00! Shall we put her to sleep for the night at 2? Only to wake up at midnight...for the day! So, some days our naps are great and fall into line just fine...and some days are...not.

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