Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Age: 29 Weeks

Hello!  I'm 29 Weeks old today.  I've been eating up a storm lately.  So far, I've eaten rice cereal, carrots, apples, tofu, pears, and...rutabaga.  My first taste of rutabaga was mixed with carrots and I gobbled it up. Mom attributed this to the fact that it was mixed with carrots, but the next night when I had rutabaga all by itself, I loved it just as much.  If not more.  Who knew?  Rutabaga.  I went to visit some friends this week, including my buddy, Ava, who just turned one.  Mom and dad can't wait for my first birthday party (well, they can because that will mean I'm getting bigger, which is both exciting and a little sad...).  Well, that's all for now folks - see you next week!  

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