Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Proof

I read a book called "Free Range Kids" a few months ago and it made all the difference in the world when it came to looking at our house with an objective eye.  There is an entire industry now devoted to protecting our babies, toddlers, and children from bumps and bruises.  We can't bubble wrap them!!  But those in the biz would have you believe that even if you can't bubble wrap your baby, you can bubble wrap every sharp edge in your home.  Well, I won't do it!  Cecelia's going to learn her limits by testing them.  We got a gate for the top of the steps and that's about it.  I've put pillows around the sharp edges of our fireplce and a bath towel around the corners at the base of our tv stand.  We've moved the coffee table out of the center of the room when Cece's moving and shaking.  I've moved all of the items that would normally be under the sink to over and vice versa, so everything at her level can be pulled out and played with, and it should be.  Likewise, we give Cecelia things to play with that she's going to try and grab anyway.  We hope to set up Cece's environment to encourage learning and healthy exploration.  She won't be unsupervised, but we'll let her fall and pick herself up.  We won't be jumping to prevent her from falling.  Did you know they sell baby knee pads?  Lest your baby's knees get scuffed as they learn to crawl - that's the whole point of knees.  And baby bottoms have extra padding for a reason.  Baby's are meant to be a little wobbly.  Let them live and learn and love it all along.

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