Thursday, February 4, 2010

Game Changer

Cecelia's changed the rules once again.  Before she needed to be curled up, facing out, and bouncing all over the place (in arms) to fall asleep.  Then, she continued to sleep if kept in the same position.  Next up, she would fall asleep, and continue to do so if in her swing.  Next came the car seat love - falling asleep while in the car became a new fave.  Of hers and mine.  Car rides became MUCH more enjoyable than when Cecelia would scream the entire time.   This sleeping deal was an incredible improvement.  Anywho, then Cecelia started to reject the swing, arching her back (even if she was sleeping) when she was being lowered into the swing.  Oh, and prior that that, she changed her position so that she no longer preferred to sleep lying down, cradled in arms, but rather upright and facing into a shoulder she could snuggle.  And, in just these past few days, she's decided she will nap in her crib.  And for periods of time greater than ten minutes.  Sometimes.  Yesterday, she wouldn't fall asleep in the car though, and that was frustrating.  Yesterday wasn't our best day.  But, she's napping now and that's what counts.  Just a clarifying note - all of these nap/sleep thoughts are not for my benefit.  Though, what's for Cece's benefit is for everyone's benefit.  We want her to get optimal sleep for her health and happiness.  And again, her health and happiness is ours too.

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