Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forward Motion

Cece is making progress like crazy!  She gets her butt and middle off the floor now and gets on all fours.  She still moves backward more often than forward, but she's starting to get the right idea.  She also pulls up to her knees or standing!  This kid is a phenom!  It seems like she's never quite satisfied.  As soon as she was rolling, she wanted to sit up.  Once she could sit up, she wanted to move.  It never stops.  She is one determined little bugger.  I've recently seen other babies who aren't at the same place developmentally, but who would want to be!?!  Others seem much more content with their current abilities, but Cece always seems so frustrated - I wonder how this will manifest later in life.  It can't be a sign of much that will be good for me...she'll never give up though, and that's a good trait...right?

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