Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Days

This past weekend, PA experienced one of its biggest snowstorms...ever.  So, Cecelia did too.  Now, as a teacher, I relish in snow days.  A surprise day off - who doesn't love that?!?  So, over the past weeks/month, when every snow fall occurred on the weekend and was easily cleaned, I mourned for those that I knew were frustrated that that snow could be easily cleaned by Monday morning.  Please, don't get me wrong.  I don't want there to be unsafe driving conditions for anyone, ever, especially those that still have to brave the roads regardless.  But, isn't it helpful to not have school buses on the roads in addition to the rest of the traffic on mornings like that?  All part of the package.  This past Monday, even though it snowed on Saturday, the clean up was enough to warrant a two hour delay (a close second...but still nice) in the district where I work.  My cousin's district got the full day - yay!  Long story short, next fall I'll return to the classroom and I know that I'll be an even more avid promoter of snow days.  Not only will it be a surprise day off.  But a surprise day off with my baby girl and my hubby - bliss.  Top that off with hot cocoa.

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