Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Age: 24 Weeks

This week I am 24 weeks old and what a week it's been.  Let me tell you about Christmas.  First I celebrated with my daddy's family the Sunday before Christmas.  Then we went to my mom's aunt and uncle's house on Christmas even, church, and then another aunt and uncle's house after church.  On Christmas day, I had lots of visitors to watch me open presents and eat breakfast at our house and then we went to my dad's uncle's house.  Then, there were even more parties and people to visit after Christmas.  I am tired!  But I still don't show it when it's time to sleep...but that's another story.  On Monday, I started really sitting up by myself.  I still topple sometimes, but I can hold my balance for a bit.  Mom will have to get some video of that excitement.  Have a Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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