Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mini Mani/Pedi

Cecelia's nails seem to need trimming quite often and one day I'm sure she'll appreciate her long lovely nails, but right now she just seems to attack herself (and us!) with them.  So keeping them in check is a bit of a chore.  When she was first born, a nail file was the most effective tool, but now her nails are ready for the clippers, but since she's strong and rather unpredictable in her erratic movement, I try to clip her nails when she's sleeping.  Getting her to that point and then remembering to do so is another story all together.  And when her nails are trimmed, they still seem sharp.  Any tips from the trade?

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried using the little nail scissors instead of the clippers? That always worked better for me and didn't leave the sharp edges that clippers sometimes do.