Sunday, December 13, 2009

The End of an Era

The spit up that I will not miss one bit! Cecelia's been a spitter since very early on. In the hospital she had exactly no regurgitation. I know this because we had to mark it on a sheet. When she got home, she gradually decided that giving a little (or a lot) of each meal back to us would be her MO. We tried lots of things, keeping her upright, different feeding amounts...all to no avail. I thought it was something I was doing/eating (so egocentric). She was not so much fussing and spitting up as she was happily and go-luckily spitting up. I remember in the first three weeks or so, telling my sister about the spit up...she reported to my mom who promptly called me and told me not to worry (I wasn't THAT worried, but I digress). My mom told me I would eat and spit up everything and then eat again and it would help increase milk supply. The next day my mom was over and witnessed the projectile spit up and said, " should talk to the pediatrician about that." Then I got upset with her and told her that she couldn't tell me not to worry and then tell me to worry - that simply was not allowed and I was not going to worry. It all turned out ok, obviously, we're all here and she gained her weight...somehow. Cece would projectile on the carpets, couches, shoulders...not picky. Jeff was holding her once with a burp cloth in one spot...she turned her head to get it all on his shoulder and down his back instead. Girl makes a statement when she does things like that. It got to a point where I was holding her over the sink after each feeding to avoid the mess. So we've acquired lots of bibs and burp cloths and they got some excellent use. Sometime last week, I realized that I was having to change her bib less often and most of the time I was changing it because of teething drooly mess instead of curdled milk. I'm also washing far fewer, if any, burp cloths. It's funny how things can change so quickly with very little fanfare. It's not as if she turned to me and said, I'm not going to spit up anymore. Now, this is not to say that Cecelia NEVER spits up, because that's just a statement I'm not ready to make yet. She still does on occasion - that occasion seems to happen most often right after I tell someone who's holding her that she really doesn't spit up anymore...and then she does. Murphy's law should really be re-named Ellen's law. That's just my opinion...maybe it'll catch on.

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