Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cecelia's a very interesting eater. Most babies, when fed at the breast, get very content and happy, and drift off to sleep and smile up at their mother with a little milk spilling out the side of their mouth. But not our angel - she is there to get the job done and move on with life. No time for that. A lot of babies will also take comfort there, even if they're not necessarily hungry. But Cecelia will only go "there" to eat. In fact, if I think she might be hungry and try that, she has a fit that I haven't understood what she was clearly trying to communicate. And when she is hungry, look out! If there is a pause between sides, which there inevitably is, she often screams at me as if to say, could you hurry it up please, I've got people to see and places to go. Sometimes she'll screech after she's eaten until she burps, at which time she becomes just as pleasant as can be. I was on the phone the other day when she ripped off (yes, ripped) and started crying (at which point, I always think...well, you came off...) and I explained to my friend on the phone that this is what a well fed baby sounds like in our house. As with all my posts, I may make it sound like this is her behavior ALL the time and it certainly is not, but when it is like this, it's all the more memorable. I sometimes wonder if she'll grow up to be a 6 year old girl who screams and cries and stamps her feet when she's finished one carrot when there's a plate-ful in front of her. We'll look at her and sigh, and say, well...pick up another one and eat it. I realize that this will, most likely (fingers crossed), not be the case, but it's amusing in those moments to wonder what the future will bring.

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