Friday, December 18, 2009

Nooks and Crannies

When Cecelia was first born, baths were a relatively delicate process and a baby's neck is a tricky area to begin with.  Even when you think you're being quite thorough, sometimes you miss a spot.  Cecelia's first crevice that was collecting dust was the front of her neck under her chin.  You remember the spit up.  That was collecting, getting gunky and getting gross.  When discovered it was promptly cleaned and lotioned and healed.  Next up - the hip crease.  Since Cecelia pulls her legs up, this area got sore, but found, cleaned and lotioned.  Yesterday, Jeff pulls Cece's ear back and comments on how dirty it is behind her ears and I say, noooo, I clean behind her ears.  But...yet again, I missed a spot.  Not the behind the ears I was thinking of, but behind the lower part of the ear.  Again, dust collected, was cleaned, and lotioned.  There should be a checklist.  For the record, our daughter is quite clean - she's just found every imaginable hiding space on a baby's body.  Good news is that now that she's not spitting up, there's less stuff to collect under her neck, but I'm sure when solids are introduced we'll get some new crusty stuff to find.  I hope no one was eating just now.

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Anonymous said...

Inside the bellybutton can be a tricky one too.