Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Girly Girl

Cece has always had an affinity for purses, her own and those belonging to others. She is not shy about rooting through the belongings of others, strewing keys, phones, and wallets all about. Cece will request a phone by saying, "Helloooooooo" with her hand cupped to her ear. When Cece has her own purse, she insists on slinging it over her shoulder. The other day, Cece discovered a pair of blue sandals with a flower on the top that she wore at the end of last summer. I was pretty certain they no longer fit. I was wrong. With some effort, we squeezed Cece's feet into the shoes. I told her to show daddy her shoes. She walked into the next room, placed her hands on her hips in a very diva-like pose and extended her foot, toe pointed down. What a girl! How did that happen? I do enjoy bags and purses, and always have. As a young child, I was bribed to continue with swim lessons by plying me with play purses. And I enjoy shoes, but not like most women. I don't wear makeup or give all that much care to my hair, but I think Cece will. Her tendencies seem to lean to purses, shoes, and phones.

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Jen said...

Juliette is very much the same way and I like you am not a very girly girl.