Sunday, September 4, 2011

Her First Sleepover

Jeff and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas at the end of September. It will be the first time that we both are away from Cece over night. We have both been away as individuals but not together. My mom graciously agreed to watch Cecelia during the time we are away. But she, very wisely, wanted to try it out first, ease Cece into this. There are options. My mom can stay at our house during those days and nights, but we are going to try to get Cece comfortable with staying overnight at my mom's house. So, this past Wednesday night into Thursday, we had a trial run. Cece ate dinner and bathed at our house, got in pj's and then we headed over to mom-mom's. Cece was excited to be going over to mom-mom's but was not all that interested in sleeping over. At least not at first. Since Cece has moved up in the world, into a big girl bed, we wanted to try out something similar at my mom's house. There is a pack and play, but I was worried she wouldn't do it. So, we set a mattress on the floor, and put a sleeping bag down next to it (for inevitable rolling out purposes). While downstairs, Cece indicated that she and mommy and daddy should be getting along now, indicating that she would really like to drive the car back home. But we prevailed. We read our usual bedtime stories and talked a lot about what was happening. Cece waved bye-bye to the bed. I laid Cece down and laid next to her on the sleeping bag. I told her that I would sleep there and then I would sleep outside the door (it worked the night before at home...). An hour and a half later, she allowed me to do just that. After inching closer to me, half rolling off the bed while acrobatically sitting on my head, I told her we would sing one more song, and I would lay down with the pillow outside the door. I asked her how many songs? She put up one finger. I said, "And then where is mommy going to go?". She pointed to the door. So, we sang, and I went. When I got to the hall, Jeff was there. He had been worried that I fell asleep next to her. Which happens from time to time. It was quiet in the room, and we can only assume that she eventually slept.

As I'm writing this, it is Thursday morning, so my next post will follow this adventure with mom-mom's recap.

When Jeff and I left, we went to dinner (at 9:00, but still...dinner) at Iron Abbey. Then Jeff stopped at Wawa. I wasn't going to go in, but then I did. Because I could. When we got to the house and went upstairs, Jeff turned to me and said, I was being really quiet coming up the stairs. Because normally at that time he would need to. I looked into her room with its wide open door. Weird. She's getting so big - her first sleepover!

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