Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not a Fan of the Footie

Last night, and yesterday, it was officially chilly. So, I busted out the footie pajamas...for Cece. Sadly, I do not have footie pajamas. But, back to Cece. She has grown rather accustomed to having "free" feet at night. And anytime during the day that she decides that it is time to remove her shoes and socks.

So, we put on the footie pajamas and she was none too pleased. She tried, valiantly, to pull them off as she would socks. To no avail. I explained to her that these are footie pajamas, it's all one piece. She wasn't happy about it but she was also exhausted so it wasn't too difficult to coax her into a sleepy state. We will see if she protests in the morning soon enough.

1 comment:

MB said...

Love that girl! I HATED footie PJs when I was little; how I tortured my poor mother. Be careful, Ellen, if she is anything like me, you'll wake up with a naked girl one day!