Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesterday, Cece was back to her pleasant, bubbly, and overall smiley self. She didn't see any need to nap though following a half hour snooze in the stroller at the end of a long walk, which left me a bit grumpy coming on the heels of a day when she napped a full three hours. Overall though, we had a great day and she even let me take a peek inside her mouth. Instead of a mere, wimpy three teeth cutting through, it looks more like a potential 12! Three on the bottom of each side and top too, including what look to be some molars. It's hard to tell, and if I didn't know she's not nocturnal these days (thank goodness) I'd swear they were all baby vampire teeth. They all look very sharp and scary. All the better to eat carrots with!

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