Friday, July 29, 2011

A Crib In

On e again I'm in the odd position of backtracking to give you a peek into Cece's life or living in the present. Today, it's the present, tomorrow, who knows? So, my final act of diving coaching for this summer was facilitating and judging diving champs today. All day. So, as a result I was away from Cece all day. Which was an everyday occurrence during the school year, but it would seem that now she is more accustomed to seeing me on a regular basis. Start of school will be a rude awakening. But I digress.

So, at the conclusion of champs, I decided I might stay and swim and have Jeff bring Cece to the pool to come swim as well. Great idea, right? Little did I know, all day Jeff had told Cece that when she woke up from her nap, in would be home. And this made her happy. So, when she woke up and I was not there and daddy was spouting some nonsense about the pool and seeing mommy there, she was having NONE of it. She went so far as to refuse to let Jeff take her out of the crib. My very own peaceful protester...if only she was peaceful. So, plans changed and I hurried home. And she vacated the crib. A short lived protest, but a protest nonetheless.

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