Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blogger Solution

If you have been wondering where I was...probably not, right? I was having trouble posting to blogger. I'm currently testing out an iPad and am without traditional Internet access via a laptop at home so I was posting to blogger from the iPad as I had done from the iPhone via Blogger in Draft. Then one day, it stopped working. And as I sometimes do in these situations, I ignored the problem and came back only to find the exact same result...again...and again. I finally figured out a work around just now. In regular blogger, I could not type in the content box. Again, I don't know why but on the iPhone and iPad this was just not a reality? But I could type in the HTML box. However I don't know code from Egyptian. In fact it all looks similar to me. But I have become proficient at using online code converters like the one I'm typing into right now. Soooo, I will hit convert, it will spit out code at me. I will copy and paste and voila you will be able to read it here. It is about 7 more steps than it should be, but when don't I make more work for myself? Hopefully I'll be seeing you a little (no promises) more often in the near future.


MB said...

I WAS wondering! I missed your thoughtful reflections :-) Glad you are back in action with workaround!

Jen said...

Nothing is ever easy... but I love and appreciate your updates!! :-)