Saturday, January 1, 2011


So, I kind of have a LOT of resolutions for 2011. Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I almost forgot :/. Where was I? Right - resolutions... Lots of them. Included among my resolutions is better blogging, and like Lucy who we all love, I feel that I have some 'splainin' to do! I promised that I was going to try to blog more, like every day- and that clearly did not happen. Here's the deal - confession time - when I do something, I don't want to just do it, I want to do it well. So, when it comes to blogging, I want to include relevant pictures, embed videos and polls and widgets and icons and write well and accurately capture moments for the collective memory. So, since I could not achieve that perfect snapshot over the past few months, I did nothing instead. And that is really not an acceptable alternative. So, how do I plan to address this? By utilizing the tools I have at my fingertips, I.e. The magical iPhone. Surprisingly though, there is NOT an app for that. I am on the Internet via the phone, and that'll do. Downsides, I am not yet proficient, nor is my phone fast enough, to add photos, so it may still be awhile before the visual appeal of this blog returns, but rest assured, pictures ARE being taken and one day you MAY (note that is not a will because I no longer make promises) see them. Also, the autocorrect function on the phones keypad may leave us with some less than desirable phrase-ology. One thing I have noticed is that the phone simply will not allow the use of it's without the apostrophe even when used in the appropriate context. I will do my best to proofread all submissions, but if something sounds funny, just blame the phone. With all this said, I realize that I have a good bit of catching up to do and I WILL try to do so, but give it time.

With all that said, there are a few other resolutions, but rather than allowing the whole world to hold me accountable for those, I'll keep a few things to myself.

Happy 2011 - we are on our way to Hershey at the moment. Imagine our family sailing into the New Year on literal rivers of chocolate.

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