Monday, January 3, 2011

Hershey Park Happy

On New Year's day, the family travelled to Hershey, PA for a mini vaca. We were enticed there by an email promising discounts and lights. Which I assumed referred to the lights of "Candy Lane". You know what they say about assuming, right? A friend who knew we were headed to Hershey for this joyous occasion offered me her next day Candy Lane tickets that she had not used - score! But then, when she found the tickets and looked closely, she noted that the expiration was New Year's EVE and we were planning to go on New Year's DAY. So, after some web site investigating and email offer fine print-looking, I noted that Hershey Lodge had indeed enticed us with promise of a Sweet Lights Spectacular NOT to be confused with Candy Lane - with all the light-y glorious wonder. No problem, this is just as well. We an stay in our car for this. So, we arrived at the lodge, went for a swim in the pool (which the girl loved), got dinner, and headed to the Sweet Light Spectacular. I ALMOST forgot. When we checked in, I clarified the price per car as I had seen it on the website. The lovely lady at the desk informed me that I could get the very same ticket for $2 less at the concierge desk - score again. AND she asked if we would like tickets to "The Hershey Story". Not knowing what "The Hershey Story" was, I asked how much those tickets were and she told me they were free for guests of the lodge - double score! Then she checked to be sure that Cecelia was under 2. She is, and she's such a peanut that she may just be "under 2" well past July if you know what I mean. So, after dinner, we visited the concierge desk for our Sweet Lights tix and he gave them to us for FREE. He said not to mention it, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind me expounding on the awesome-ness of the Hershey Lodge and the awesome-ness of FREE! And to sum up the Sweet Lights "Spectacular", I was REALLY glad it was free. Then we went back to the lodge for some (also free) Frigid Family Bingo Night.

Since Cece needs her own space to sleep, we set up her pack and play in the bathroom. I'm sure she'll just love this story when she is older, but you can refer back to our beach vacation when she ended up being the only person in house with her own room, stranding two people in the living room in her wake (or sleep - haha). And this was a much better option than paying for an adjoining room. I'm pretty sure the Hershey Lodge draws the line at a free room for a baby. So, into the bathroom she went. This also meant that Jeff and I could not utilize the bathroom during her sleeping hours. We rationalized that the lobby bathrooms were close enough. Morning came - we both used the exercise room (for free) and sleeping beauty awoke.

On Sunday, we visited the Hershey Story (free) where I learned about how Milton and his wife Kitty searched the world for a cure to her ailments (which were never diagnosed) which was very interesting and learned more about what a swell guy Milt was. Seriously. Then it was off to Chocolate World, everyone's favorite free Hershey attraction. While there, we were inundated with propoganda from the milk and sugar lobbies. Good times. Seriously. off to lunch. All in all, it was a great (and mostly free) vacation.

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