Monday, January 31, 2011

Last week, Cecelia had her 18 month doctor's appointment. During the course of the appointment, the doctor got wind of the fact that Cece isn't really talking yet. We were advised that if she doesn't soon, we should bring her back. To do what exactly? I asked. (poke her a little, tell her to talk, I thought but did not say). Not much clarity from that point forward. Now, Jeff and I have background in behavioral therapy with children on the autistic spectrum and are well aware of any and all indicators, including lack of speech prior to age two. Buuut, we are also aware of what to look for to negate that potential and I like to think we are not in denial. With that said, after realizing that Cece is not verbal at this point, a nurse tossed in a "18 month survey.". I recognized it for what it is and began to answer each question honestly. Jeff looked over my shoulder and exclaimed, "Hey! That's an autism survey!". To which I replied, "Yes honey, it is.". "Well, why don't they just say that?". Good question.

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