Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Glory

Pre-Baby: Awake at 5:30 exercise, inclusive of yoga, healthy breakfast, herbal tea, pack healthy lunch for the week, lovely shower, dress in re-chosen the night before clothing and off to work to arrive (always) early to accomplish many preparatory tasks for the day/week/month ahead.

During-Baby: Awake...all the time, exercise was made a priority after 6 months or so but became obsessive due to the "catch up" factor coupled with the remaining "baby weight", got to the point that I ran for the first time since that presidential challenge in high school (note that I did not air quote ran so as to denote that I really did do it), showers seemed like a luxury and one that I didn't really need anyway (I was just going to get dirty again) and if I showered while she was awake, she would just scream, and if I showered when she was asleep, she would just wake up...better to be dirty if you ask me, breakfast and lunch tried to be healthy and during the fittest mama challenge when I learned more about balancing proteins and carbs and fats, it really was healthy, and I could never be late for the job because "the boss" would have my head and it was a 24/7 gig anyway, so how can you be late for that?

Post-Baby: Cecelia is officially entering toddler-hood, or is smack-dab in the middle of it depending on who you ask. Around 13 months, after she stopped falling asleep in-arms and really started sleeping... At night, naps, all of it miraculous and glorious and 12 hours- oh my! But with sleep there are other challenges. For one, since I was catching up on a year plus of no more than three hours of consecutive sleep a night, my body ate up 8-10 hours easy... I found that I just wanted more in the mornings. At first, Cece slept til 5, 5:30, then 6:30 and now, over winter break she's made it until 7:30! So, recently I could not make a peepity peep or else she would wake up instantly, so some mornings I would wake up and just stay trapped in bed like a mummy, not moving a muscle for fear. Then, when she does wake from her slumber, she wants to nurse for at least a half hour. Which is great. Except for when she slept til 6:30, woke up, and nursed for a half hour, that put us at 7 and I had to be out the door at 7:15. So, exercise, showering, eating a healthy breakfast, and packing a healthy lunch, along with making a healthy cup of tea, putting on a well coordinated pre-chosen, laundered outfit, and, in this weather, warming up the car ALL went out the window. Add to that our bathrooms gettng redone and there is a real recipe for disaster.

But, it is a new year. And last week, I got u Bette Cece, exercised, ate a healthy breakfast, made and drank tea, AND (you'll all be glad to hear this) got a shower, and she didn't wake up. Tricky thing with a 7:30 wake up is that leaves no time for an AM nursing on school days. We'll see what she does tomorrow morning. I like to think I follow her cues. She certainly is a great communicator these days!

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Ellen Zschunke said...

Only 1 iPhone typo- with the browser I can't seem to get to the bottom of my post to make changes, so note that "u Bette Cece" is really "up before Cece". Happy Reading!