Monday, December 13, 2010

Sad to Say

that I'm a bad blogger...plain and simple.  Bad, bad, bad.  Good bloggers update their blog on something closer to a daily basis.  Bad bloggers update their blogs on a bi-monthly basis!!  How can that be?  Well, I know a few reasons.

1) Lack of home internet.
        (a) which consequently means I'm being an attentive mother to my young child instead of trying to    
              squeeze in some computer time...which is good.

* tried to add picture here...but speed of library internet literally prevented me from doing so...the library is going to close instead :(

2) Cuh-razy new job title at work. (Which is also a good thing but has kept me might busy in my time away from said young child)

3) Enough excuses.

I've maintained this blog relatively well and with relative accuracy to the facts during Cece's first year and I don't intend to let it all fall to shambles now.  In the new year (and even before that, I think I'll start now) I'm going to carve out a few minutes in the morning by getting in a smidge earlier at work to update the blog world...and hopefully with a picture or video here or there as well.  I the best of my ability/accessibility, etc.!

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