Saturday, January 15, 2011

18 Months

Yesterday was January 14th which marked Cece's 18th month. She is getting taller, faster, stronger, and smarter with each passing day. Recently she's been going through quite a growth spurt, sometimes eating double her usual portion size. She's also grown taller as evidenced by her running into tables that she would have previously walked clear under. It doesn't help that she doesn't look where she is going while she is walking. She is also walking so fast that it resembles running, it also sometimes resembles tripping and falling but you get the idea. Cecelia is an excellent communicator but words are just not her preferred method just yet. She signs "more" (I know, you're shocked), says dada, pop pop, and makes distinct sounds for squirrels, cats, and cookie monster. She points to her diaper when she needs to go potty and is very persistent about trying to get her point across, just not with words. I am curious when we might see Cece's language explosion. I know that one day I'll be hoping for her to take a break from talking, and I am not worried, just interested in when she will reach this next big milestone.

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