Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Age: 41 Weeks

Phew - time is just flying by now!  I'm continuing to cruise and I can even stand for a few seconds all by myself.  If I realize that I'm doing that, though, I'll just sit down.  Still NO teeth.  I need some chompers soon!  Tonight was my first real sick moment.  Mom and dad are happy I've been so healthy this long.  It might have just been a mini-version of the virus.  Time will certainly tell.  Mom will know tonight (overnight) if it's more than that.  One of the benefits of breastfeeding is that when baby eats, if he/she is exposed to a virus, it sends signals to the mom's body to make the antibodies for that specific virus to kick it in the butt.  So, mom and dad are hoping that that's the case with this one and that I don't get dad's version.  Plus, since my eating made mom's immune system kick it up a notch, she may be protected too.  Knock on wood - but if she's MIA for a few days, that's probably why :(  I hope everyone else stays healthy - see you next week!

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