Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Age: 38 Weeks

Hello Folks!  Today is April 6th (one day before my daddy's birthday!) and it is supposed to reach 85 degrees outside today - 85....now we're talking!  I'm a summer baby and was never a huge fan of the cold weather, so bring it on!  Plus, now I get to wear all of my super cute warm weather clothes.  But, back to me...I've been continuing to eat finger foods with great gusto.  Mom has made several of my purees into pancakes including, but not limited to pear pancakes, papaya pancakes, rutabaga pancakes and a mix of broccoli, peas, and butternut squash - yum!  More pancakes to come, plus she discovered a prune muffin recipe..hmm.  Part of the pancake problem, though, was that most recipes called for eggs (which makes sense and all) but I am not supposed to eat whole eggs until a year, just egg yolks, so mom found a recipe for pancakes in her vegan cookbook which excludes eggs and has been using that one, but these muffins call for eggs, so we'll see - maybe they can just get frozen until I'm a year old, or maybe mom and dad can get things moving with the prunes :)  Regardless, I'm also a moving maniac!  Beginning on Easter morning, I started to crawl up on my feet and mom and dad blamed the dress, but I've continued to do so on occasion sans dresses, so perhaps this is the next step on my road to walking.  I've been beginning to cruise side to side holding on to things, and I'll even balance myself for a few seconds before landing with a plop on my hiney.  Aunt Katie would be so proud because this new crawl looks even more like a monkey move - I'm just an example of evolution at its finest!  Enjoy this wonderful weather!!!

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