Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Age: 39 Weeks

I'm such a mover and a shaker that mom and dad could only snap one picture, fortunately it was an OK one.  A little fuzzy, but it'll do.  So, I can't even remember what mom's told you, but I started cruising.  I'll hold onto the couch and move all the way from one end to the other.  I'll move along the coffee table, book shelf, tv stand...just about anything that will stay still for me.  I rode in my first running 5K this past Sunday and on Saturday I went to the Doylestown Rock Gym for the Super Comp - a superhero themed rock climbing competition.  I had to reveal my alter-ego, Incredible Baby!!  If mom manages to get on here more than once a week, perhaps you'll get to see what that get up looked like.  Enjoy this lovely day!!  PS - since today is the 14th, and a Wednesday at usually gets her act together to post on Tuesday, but I digress.  Since it's the 14th I am exactly 9 months old today!!!

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