Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Age: 40 Weeks

I am 40 weeks old this week - I've officially been out longer than I was in!  It's been a whirlwind these past few weeks.  Time is really flying by, and I'm moving pretty fast these days too.  Though, ironically, while I'm more and more mobile every day, for this week's "photo shoot" mom was able to get quite a few pics to choose from.  Regardless of that, food-wise, I've been enjoying beans in addition to all the usual suspects.  I've been cruising, and I've even climbed my first step, but mom and dad figured out a way to put the ki-bash (sp?) on that one.  They blocked the bottom of the steps with my toy bin...it's not that they don't want me to learn to climb steps.  Gotta do that sometime, right?  But, the tricky thing is that I'll get myself up to a standing position on the bottom step and then when I want to "get down" I'll just sit, and it's a farther fall from one step up.  It's not that high, but it's high enough for me to take quite a tumble.  Speaking of which....well, mom will blog about that in a separate post...off to the zoo tomorrow with my Buddy, Baby B, and Thursday is Earth Day!  Do what you can to make it a great place for me to grow up!  Peace, Love, and Recycling!

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