Saturday, November 21, 2009

X Ray Vision

So, Cecelia did NOT like being held still for the first pictures of her bones. But, she got through it and so did we. We got a message from one of our doctors the very same day (5 minutes before closing time, but I digress) to call the following day, even on Saturday. This threw me for a loop, because customarily if there is nothing to report, that's what they'll say - "everything looked great on that x-ray, no need to worry" but...that's not what they said. So, we called in the morning and played a little more phone tag. But, the gist of the matter is that Cecelia's hip is 'subjugated' and out of socket. Often this goes undiagnosed and presents when a person is in their 30s as severe arthritis of the hip. So, good news is we caught it early and it's easily treated with an orthopedic harness. Now, don't go thinking "Forrest Gump." Evidently, this harness is a soft fabric piece with velcro that goes across the hips that would be worn all the time except during bath time. Since this is hereditary, it was NOT caused by her sling, or being held over the potty for EC, or anything that we've done. So, we have calls in to three orthopedists and whoever gets back to us first gets our appointment! Now, on to me - as this is hereditary and she got it from somewhere and every now and then, my hip seems to go "out" and I have to knock it back into place...I too will be going to see an orthopedist. Especially since I'm much closer to 30...but I don't think they have a harness for 28 years of wear and tear. So, all that gymnastic movement may have its effects...soon. And...BOTH my parents have decided that they too have hip problems. Let's trace this back a few more generations. We'll keep you posted after we see the orthopedist.

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