Friday, November 20, 2009

4 Month Doctor's Visit

Yesterday (Thursday) was Cecelia's 4 month well check up. She was a champ! She weighs 13 lb. 9 oz.. she's 24 1/2 inches tall and her head is 16 1/4 in. around. She is all around average - 50th percentile in all areas. We heard the P word again (perfect) and you just can't hear that too often. She got one vaccine drink for Rotavirus and one shot for DTaP and she didn't cry at ALL! One thing to check in on, the doctor heard a click in her hips and noted how bendy she was. She doesn't get her flexibility from anywhere strange though. He recommended a hip x-ray just to be safe so we're headed to CHOP's Chalfont Radiology center this morning. We'll keep you posted on baby's first x-ray.

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