Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy (day after) Thanksgiving! Yesterday, Cece, Jeff, Nana, and I all participated in the Gobble Wobble in Abington - Baby's First 5K. We went for Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Cathy and Uncle Bob's house and ate far too much good food. Something didn't sit quite right with me and I paid for that all night long. Good news is that I'm feeling better already, but I'm a little scared to put any new food in my stomach - time to bite the bullet. While I wasn't planning to go shopping, that wasn't in the cards for me anyhow with this bug, but I hope everyone who did partake in Black Friday had a fabulous (and safe) time. I can't believe that all of these firsts (as far as Holidays) are happening so quickly. Before you know it, Baby's 1st Christmas will be here!

picture coming soon

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