Sunday, November 29, 2009

Her Hips Don't Lie

Well, they might lie. Let me explain. Cecelia had an appointment at CHOP last Wednesday to follow up from her hip X-Ray two Fridays ago. According to our pediatricians, her left hip was subjugated (Jeff's interpretation of the word) which we found out was probably really subluxated (he was really tired when he answered the phone). Regardless, we took our appointment at CHOP being that they're the best and we were able to get an appointment before Thanksgiving. So, we waited...and waited. Our appointment was at 2:00, but we were in the waiting room for about an hour and a half and then in the exam room for another half hour to an hour. But we were not disappointed. The doctor we met with was very knowledgeable and kind. As it turns out, he heard the click in her right hip and x-rays aren't normally done on infants so young because their hips are still mostly cartilage, so you can guess at what you're seeing in an x-ray, but the hips themselves are mostly blurry. Normally, an ultrasound would be done to determine if a baby has hip dysplasia. Also, due to Cecelia's abnormal strength and determination, Dr. S. advised me that a pavlik harness probably wouldn't be in her best interests at this point. He told us that we had two option - 1: wait 3 months and get an x-ray when her hip bones have solidified or 2: in 1-2 weeks get an ultrasound and have a follow up appointment. Dr. S. felt confident that her click was/is a minor one and probably won't necessitate further interventions (great news) and that we could wait for the x-ray. However, after my internet reading (always dangerous) I felt that IF there is something to find, I'd rather find it sooner rather than later and intervene as best we can (probably a plastic night time leg brace if the ultrasound warrants that). So, we'll be back at CHOP in two weeks for an ultrasound and an appointment, and an appointment for mommy too...just in case. But it's probably fine - which is great news!

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