Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cat Naps

I have to write this and a few other blog posts that have been brewing in my mind quickly over the next few days before Cecelia changes the rules and ...changes. So, long story short she's a bit of a cat-napper. After 20 minutes or so, she's all refreshed and ready to go. Yesterday another mom told me that her son takes short naps - an hour or so. I chuckled to myself. Cecelia naps mostly in the sling and mostly for brief periods of time. If put down, instant alarm clock. At a family function in August, a family member let me know that I could put the baby down upstairs to nap after she fell asleep in the sling. I looked askance and thought, uh huh. Sure. But, they wanted to try it. Down she went, and awake she was. She generally stays asleep for as long as she's in the sling, so if I need (want) her to sleep longer than 20 minutes, I can continue to cart her around in the sling.

The reason I stated that I need to get these things down in writing now is that Cecelia's changing so quickly and changing these habits as well. I never know what's fleeting and what's here to stay, but yesterday she napped for a substantial period of time. She fell asleep in the car on the way home in the morning, stayed asleep as I brought her inside, got showered and ready...and since she was still asleep, I decided now (then) was as good a time as any to hit the road again to meet up with Nana to shop for fabric. And she stayed asleep that whole time until I was back home again! Now, last night she also decided it was time to play until close to midnight so these extended naps are not without implications, mind you. But then she did it again today...not exactly the same, but she snoozed right through the diving meet, while my stomach knotted the whole time thinking that she was going to burst out crying while a diver was on the board. Good news - I was the official referee, so if that had happened, I could have excused the disturbance and allowed him/her to dive again. But it was such a non-issue that we made it back home and into the house before she woke up again.

I could get used to this (but I won't expect to...and I'm knocking on all things wooden).

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