Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh, right...and Health

A lot of people ask how this choice can be healthy and where I get my iron and protein oh man, we made it without fire, didn't we? Spinach salads provide a great source of iron and nuts and beans provide me with all the protein I need. Like many others I was concerned about the health consequences of my choices, because we've all been brainwashed by our marketing system here in the good ole U.S. of A. I went to my doctor last January to get blood work done to make sure everything was copasetic...and it was. I also consulted with my doctor to see if it was "OK" to be doing this, and it is. Which leads me to the preview I recently saw of a documentary coming out called "The Beautiful Truth." It pretty much explains in a much more mind-blowing way everything I've been saying in these last couple of posts. Check it out! The basics, our government system controlled by lobbyists including dairy, and meat won't let the people know that a plant based diet could be best because, well, then what would they do?

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