Friday, March 5, 2010

A Few Of Her Favorite Things

I don't know why people buy babies toys...they're cute, I get that.  Everyone jokes about how much a baby likes the box better than the item inside and I couldn't agree more.  While I appreciate the generosity of others more than I can express, Cecelia still enjoys the simple things in life.   Here are a few of her favorites:

* spice rack
* sunglasses
* hangers
* spoons
* dishes
* bowls
* tissue paper
* paper
* cardboard
* bottles (plastic water/juice bottles, stainless too)
* fruit
* vegetables
* bags (brown paper bags, gift bags, purses, diaper bags...we try to keep plastic bags out of reach lest she throws one over her head and, well - you know, but I'm sure she'd love those too!)
* suitcase - I guess this could lump into bags
* books (mostly mine, though the board variety will do also)
*toilet paper rolls and wrappers
*TV remote control - we have two of the same one (for a TV in the living room and a TV in the bedroom)  I took the batteries out of the one in the bedroom and that's now "hers".  Whenever she grabs the one for the living room tv, I do a bait and switch.  When she first started using the remote, she almost ordered something on the TV.  She'd probably change the language like Ben did on Friends if left unchecked.
*keys - of the "real" variety, you know the ones that actually unlock the door and start the car

Did you notice anything missing?  Cecelia would prefer to play with just about any household item before her toys.  It's amazing.  And she can seldom be distracted once she has something in her sights, so hold onto your prized possessions when she's around!

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Wendy said...

others to try that the Michalski kids loved ...

teaspoons & measuring cups
pots & pans
cell phones (non-working)
the dog
the cat

have fun!