Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Age: 35 Weeks

35 weeks already?  This time is really zooming by!  Tomorrow is my very first St. Patrick's day and my cousin, Nick's, birthday - happy birthday Nick!!  Mom doesn't even remember what she wrote last time, but I've been pulling up on everything I can to stand up and look at things from a new view.  I'm still not totally steady, so every now and then I'll take a tumble and sometimes I get very upset about that.  Mostly I'm proud of my standing and crawling.  Now, if mom or dad are in a different room and I'd like to be with them, I just go ahead and join them.  Because I can do things like that.  Tomorrow I'll be visiting my friend Isabella for the first time.  She's only a few months younger than I am.  I feel lucky to have so many good friends already.  Oh, mom remembered something new and funny - on Sunday, I started to play hide and seek.  Mom and dad's friend, Ang, came over and I was shy!  Can you imagine? I hid my head on the ground and I'm pretty sure that no one can see me that way.  Mom got a video of me doing it once before I gave up on that game.  Maybe one of these days she'll get it up for all of you to see.  Ta ta for now!

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